Our Story

As a United States Marine Corps veteran, Rocwell founder Rene suffered from chronic pain caused by injuries he sustained in active service. In an all-too familiar story, he was given a prescription for opioids that nearly resulted in addiction. As just one member of a military family, Rene knew he wasn’t the only one in need of a safe alternative for pain relief.

After years of dedicated research, Rene turned to CBD and knew he’d found a solution. He discovered that CBD helped with his pain, and was effective for a multitude of other symptoms. But there was one big problem: An unregulated hemp market meant it was nearly impossible to find natural products with consistent CBD concentrations.

To find the highest quality hemp producer, Rene walked hundreds of acres of farmland, visited countless dispensaries and inspected labs across the nation. After two full years of searching, he found a producer who could meet his strict quality requirements and uncompromising standards for production.

Holly and Rene | Rocwell Premium Hemp CBD

A Partnership for Wellness

While Rene experienced firsthand that CBD was effective for his pain relief, he also knew it could be used as a supplement to support an overall healthy lifestyle. As a health and fitness coach, Holly was the perfect partner to provide insight into the use of CBD as a natural supplement and preventive.

Through her own research, Holly had learned how CBD interacts with the body’s systems at a cellular level to help correct imbalances and promote systemic stability.

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“I stand all day at work, and I had chronic pain in my knee and could hardly walk. After I began using the cream, I experienced near-instant pain relief and I can now walk without a limp.”


“I have fibromyalgia. I used to have difficulty walking and extreme pain when standing up. I also suffer from depression. I now use both the Rocwell Hemp CBD oil and cream in combination. With no other medication, I can now stand up pain-free, walk with good posture, and even touch my toes. I also sleep better, exercise and feel more energetic.”


“I’ve been diabetic for more than 20 years and taking insulin for eight. After using both the Rocwell Hemp CBD oil and cream for two months, my hemoglobin A1c decreased by 20 percent. After month three, my numbers are stable and down 35 percent and – I’m no longer taking insulin.”


“The first time I went in for chemotherapy, I was extremely sick afterward – I felt nauseated, depressed and stressed out. I started taking the Rocwell Hemp CBD oil before the second round of chemo. I didn’t feel nauseated after chemo and I’ve been able to sleep.”


“My quality of life has gone from a 2 to an 8 in one month. I was getting shots for acute arthritis in my shoulder, which I don’t need anymore. I also have anxiety and depression. I was about to increase my depression meds because my anxiety was getting so high. After 40 years of taking pills for anxiety, I now don’t have to, thanks to the Rocwell Hemp CBD oil and cream.”


“I have a herniated disc in my neck. I couldn’t sleep and taking morphine didn’t help with pain. After three sleepless weeks, I was finally able to sleep by using the Rocwell Hemp CBD oil.”


“Rocwell Hemp CBD oil is helping me tame a persistent anxiety I’ve struggled with all my life. I work in high-stress situations, and through regular dosing, I find myself more calm and focused and able to achieve more goals, both personally and professionally. For me, it’s important that it’s derived from natural sources. I highly recommend trying it out. It could just be the answer you are looking for.”