Lab Test

The Certificate’s of Analysis (COA’s) are the results of our 3rd party testing conducted by a third party ISO 17025 Certified Lab. The COA contains the Cannabinoid profile for every product we sell. To use the list below, match the Batch ID on the bottom of your bottle with the Batch ID in the table. Then find your COA for the strength associated with your product. Finally, click the COA link to access the report. If you have any questions about your COA or need help locating it, please contact us at [email protected]

Batch ID
(Found on the bottom of product)
Product Description Link to Analysis
06112019 10 MG Oil COA
06112019 20 MG Oil COA
06112019 30 MG Oil COA
06112019 5 MG Cream COA
06112019 10 MG Cream COA
03262019 3.3 MG Oil COA
03262019 10 MG Oil COA
03262019 20 MG Oil COA
03262019 30 MG Oil COA
03262019 5 MG Cream COA
03262019 10 MG Cream COA