Prominent Studies in 2017 Part 1


Leafly came out with a year end top 2017 studies in reference to cannabidiol and that got us thinking and wanted to compile our own list.  We have used some of the studies that they highlighted as well as some studies of our own.  We hope that you find these informative, and it is great with the continued ability to study cannabinoids that we are able to discover more therapeutic uses as well as how cannabinoids specifically cannabidiol are able to help our bodies naturally treat a variety of conditions.



Trial of Cannabidiol for Drug-Resistant Seizures in the Dravet Syndrome

A study showing that CBD does not turn into THC in the stomach

(the study also demonstrated that an oil based carrier delivered CBD more effectively than alcohol)

Cannabidiol (CBD) induces functional Tregs in response to low-level T cell activation

How cannabidiol interacts as an immunosuppressant

Potential therapeutic effects of cannabidiol on Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s

Cannabidiol (CBD) as an inhibitor to GPR3 and GPR6. GPR3 is involved in Alzheimer’s disease whereas GPR6 plays potential roles in Parkinson’s disease.

The pathway that cannabidiol could be used as therapy for cancer

Cannabidiol (CBD) as an inverse agonist to GPR12