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Know Before You Buy Part 1: Cannabis Oil vs Hemp Seed vs Hemp Extract Oil


With the increased knowledge as to the many benefits of Hemp Extract Oil and cannabinoids, there has been an influx in companies starting to produce their own version of CBD Oil or Hemp Extract Oil. The ambiguity as to which companies are producing a quality product has made it harder for consumers who are looking to reap the many benefits for themselves or their pets.  We want to help by outlining several factors that should be taken into consideration before you decide to purchase any CBD or Hemp Extract Oil whether it is from us or one of our numerous competitors.  The most important thing for us at Rocwell is that you are making an informed choice to purchase a quality product that will give you the maximum results and most importantly not harm you.

In this first section we are going to explore a couple of different factors to search for and why they are important to know before choosing a CBD or Hemp Oil.  We are going to address the difference between cannabis oil, hemp seed oil, CBD oil and Hemp Extract Oil as well as where the hemp is sourced.  Next section we are going to cover the different types of extraction.

Types of Oils

Cannabis Oil

Cannabis oil is derived from either cannabis sativa or cannabis indica flowers.  Unlike the other types of hemp extract or hemp seed oils Cannabis oil starts with plants that have greater than .3% Δ9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) by volume.  Cannabis oil has a high percentage of THC as well as containing other cannabinoids such as CBD.  There are numerous benefits to cannabis oils, but they are only legal in the states that have passed either medicinal marijuana laws, under the oversight of a physician, or the states that have legalized marijuana for recreational use as well.  Cannabis oils are also psychotropic.

Hemp Seed Oil or Hemp Oil

Hemp seed oil or hemp oil is a non-psychotropic oil derived solely from the hemp seeds.  The biggest difference between hemp seed oil, cannabis oil and hemp extract oil is that there are no active cannabinoids in hemp seed oil.  Hemp seed oil is more like sunflower or avocado oil which are healthy for their natural fat content but have no active cannabinoids since there needs to be growth and flowering for there to be active cannabinoids.

Hemp Extract Oil

Hemp extract oil is derived from industrial hemp.  Industrial hemp is defined as hemp that is grown with less than .3% THC whereas the cannabis grown for marijuana typically has between 6% and 30% THC.  Industrial hemp varieties can be used for many different uses from clothing, oils, papers, produce biodegradable plastic, detoxify the soil, air and more.  Certain varieties of industrial hemp have been bred to have high yields of certain cannabinoids specifically cannabidiol (CBD).  Properly grown, harvested and then extracted hemp can provide a non-psychotropic extract that potentially can be very beneficial to numerous ailments. Hemp extract oil (as well as cannabis oil) target your endocannabinoid system which has receptors found in every organ and system in your body.  Hemp Extract Oil, assuming it is using the whole plant, is allowed to be sold in all 50 states according to the 2014 Farm bill.  Hemp Extract oil, while containing CBD, is not CBD oil since it uses the whole plant and is a full spectrum product.

A quick note that CBD oil and Hemp Extract oil are used somewhat interchangeable.  Hemp Extract oil uses the whole plant and will have other cannabinoids in the oil, whereas CBD oil uses just the flower, or an isolate extraction process to have 99.9% pure CBD.  We will get into those methods in future blog posts.

Check in for our next post where we will talk about who is extracting the oil you are purchasing.